I love my job as a newborn photographer, which made me ask the question - What do we, as Photographers, enjoy so much about our jobs?

“For me, my passion for capturing life’s most precious moments is unparalleled, but there’s something truly magical about newborn photography that makes my heart skip a beat. It’s more than just a job, it’s an art form that allows me to illustrate moments of new life.  Welcoming newborns into the world feels like witnessing the universe unfold its mysteries. Every tiny yawn, delicate finger movement, and innocent gaze holds a promise of a future filled with potential. I am reminded that each baby I photograph is destined for greatness, carrying a unique purpose in this vast world.”

-Joanna Jensen


“Nothing in life is more fleeting than those first few weeks of a baby’s life. With each day that passes a baby seems to change and they develop more quickly than any other time in their lives. As a mom of three grown girls, I have witnessed first hand how fast our children grow up and how precious each moment is. These are reasons why newborn photography is an integral part of my work. Each session not only captures details of baby, but also the most important people in baby’s life. Preserving the love and connection that surround a newborn is such a precious gift not only for parents, but for the child as well. As the years pass by and they look through the beautiful photo book created from this incredible time in their lives, they will have a constant reminder of just how valuable and loved they are.”

-Ann Marie Grocholski


“My favorite this about working with newborns is connecting with the mamas! I feel like I can see them visibly relax when I’m able to help them settle their baby. I love that when they are in my studio I can offer them a hot cup of coffee and they actually get to drink it while it’s hot because I’m holding their newborn. I love that I can give them the encouragement I needed as a new mom. For me, newborn photography is so much more than adorable pictures of babies, it’s about providing connection and service during a time that can be so overwhelming.”

-Jenn Chen


“There are so many reasons I love being a New York City Newborn Photographer. Capturing photos of infants, and bearing witness to the love within a family that has welcomed a new little life, is incredibly special. Knowing that these photos will be looked back on for generations is humbling and I see my job as a photographer as a privilege and an honor. I also genuinely love babies and getting those sweet snuggles. I’m able to teach parents tricks for swaddling and soothing and knowing I’m helping make their lives easier in the days and weeks ahead brings real purpose to my life. Being a newborn photographer is truly the best job.”

-Abby Cope


“When I think back to why I chose maternity and newborn photography, I wanted to be able to capture once in a lifetime moments for families. You are only pregnant with this child once and they are only that small for a small fraction in time and being able to be a part of that is irreplaceable. From mom’s belly and the connection between parents, to the small details in a newborn’s face and toes. Meeting couples who will soon become parents for the first time is such an honor.”

-Melissa Sampson


Creative newborn photo of baby laying beside lanterns

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