food photography pricing

steaming coffee beside savoury dish

Indulge in the artistry of culinary aesthetics as I share my passion for meticulously composing props in food photography. Each photoshoot is a delicious journey where we carefully select and arrange elements to enhance the visual narrative of every dish. From rustic wooden boards that add a touch of warmth to vibrant, textured linens that elevate the presentation, every prop is chosen with a discerning eye.

Capturing the essence of flavor extends beyond the palate, and I find immense joy in curating a symphony of props that complement the colors, textures, and mood of the cuisine. Whether it’s vintage silverware accentuating a decadent dessert or artisan ceramics showcasing a savory masterpiece, each prop is a carefully chosen note in the symphony of visual storytelling.

Join me in savoring the delightful world of food photography, where every composition is a celebration of taste and aesthetics. Let the feast for the eyes begin! 

Photos can be completed in my home studio or I can arrange to take pictures in your restaurant during closure. 

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20 High-Resolution edited files

One Custom Set-up

Up to 5 dishes

Approximately One hour of Photography



30 High-Resolution edited files

Two Custom Set-ups

Up to 10 dishes

Approximately Two hours of Photography