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Hi, I'm Joanna

I’m a mom, wife, artist and photographer


I’m a passionate photographer with an unwavering love for capturing the essence of family love.  With a keen eye for details and whimsy, I specialize in immortalizing precious moments as families evolve and grow.  My photography journey began in a grade 8 photography class, where I got to develop my first roll of film.  From there I focused on finishing my degree in business and design.  After having my two little kiddos I realized I wanted nothing more than to encapsulate those timeless portraits that tell your unique story.  From that moment when he first asked for your hand, to when you announced your vows and commitment in front of your loved ones. Through my lens I capture the emotions, laughter and milestones that shape your journey together.  I focus on not just photographing a smile, but in cherishing the intangible bonds that tie families together.


Photographer taking a photo

I have a certificate in Wedding Photography from the New York Institute of Photography. I also have a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Lethbridge and a Professional Decorating Certificate from Bow Valley College.  I am always furthering my knowledge and skills in photography by attending online seminars in newborn safety, family photography, emotive storytelling and photoshop.


I am an active volunteer and have donated many working hours to non-profit organizations such as P.R.E.P. for children with special needs, Fur Ever Homes Pet Rescue, Monsignor JS Smith and Divine Mercy.




Winner of the AFNS Award Gold 2022

Winner of the AFNS Award Silver 2021

Winner of the International NPC Photo Award 2020

Winner of the Newborn Baby Photo Award 2020

Winner of the AFNS Special Photo Award 2020

Finalist in the Shoot and Share International Photo Contest 2019