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Thank you for your interest in my Cake Smash Portrait Photo Session!

Cake Smash photo sessions are such a great way to celebrate your little baby going into toddlerhood! Cake smashes can also be done with older kids - 2, 3, and 4. I love to photograph your little one on an elaborate backdrop and fun set up. I have closets full of backdrops and super fun props to make this extra special for you and your family!
Some of my set ups are shown below. You can view some more set-ups here:

Your customized portrait cake smash photo session can include family photos with everyone prior to the cake smash. This is generally done on one of my larger simple backdrops, outdoors at the park behind my studio.

The portrait session includes just about everything you need for your stunning images-outfits, crowns, hats, props, balloons, etc. The only thing not provided is the cake.

After your child's cake smash photo session we may also have a fun Bath tub with bubbles!

Message me today to book your child's customized portrait session!

View available packages and what's included here: cake smash
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