Best Photo Locations in Canmore

June 02, 2023  •  1 Comment

People are always asking what are the best photo locations in Canmore, a city located within the Rocky Mountains situated close to Banff and Calgary, AB.  Whether you are looking for a Family, Maternity, Engagement or Wedding Photographer, make sure you get all the proper permits from the town of Canmore prior to your mountain photoshoot.  IMG_1827_1IMG_1827_1



Here are some of my favourite places!

1. Canmore Engine Bridge; a unique anique bridge that was once used as the main bridge in Canmore.  Surrounded by stunning turquoise waters, this is quite incredible to photograph at.  There is a forested area here as well for some great shady spots and amazing hikes to take advantage of while you're enjoying your photo session. 


2- Grassi Lakes: you can take the incredible scenic routes with a mountain views, which takes about 90 minutes, or you can take the quicker route which takes about a half hour.  Once you've made it to the top you'll be thrilled with breathtaking rivers, mountains and a little waterfall.  Turquoise blue waters are also inside stunning little ponds which are a must-see and a definite go-to place for a engagement or wedding photos. 


3-Barrier Lake: usually quite a quiet little lake, it's nestled nearby Canmore and offers views with less tourists for your family photos!


4-Canmore Nordic Center provincial park: A great well-forested park which is great to photograph at during bright sunny days.  


5- Downtown Canmore:  The downtown of Canmore is a fun escape that's so unique with vintage coffee shops and art locations.  Lots of quaint locations which can provide an edgy look for your pictures!


6-Quarry Lake Park:  A beautiful clean lake that's going to create some lasting memories for sure!  This is a must-see if you're in Canmore.  Best of all, Quarry Lake is so close to the town and the site is about a 3 minute walk away from the parking lot area.  Lots of mountain views and the pond offers a nice refreshing swim or paddleboard after your photoshoot!


Are there any other places you think I've missed? Pop me an email [email protected]






Dean Walker(non-registered)
We have been so pleased with our interactions with Joanna! Even though she had a booking last Saturday, she was able to also take photos for us at our friends 50th Anniversary Celebration later that same day, and this with only one days notice! She was so good at capturing the joy and fun of this event.

She told us she could have the photos ready for us in two weeks, but we had them in two days, and they are spectacular! We have been reliving the joy of that wonderful event through these photos since she provided them to us.

We cannot speak highly enough of Joanna and her professionalism, both in taking the photos, and providing such high quality images to us so quickly. If you want preserved memories, Joanna will be able to deliver. We highly recommend Joanna Jensen Photography.
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