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In an era marked by solemnity and formality, it's refreshing to explore the humorous side of our ancestors' lives. Join us on a whimsical journey as we delve into the world of an early modern era serious family photoshoot. With a touch of parody and a dash of laughter, we'll bring you into the heart of a time where stern expressions and rigid poses prevailed. Get ready to meet the eccentric family photographer witness a comical family photo session, and discover the hidden comedy behind those studio photos.


As the family gathers in the studio, a sense of anticipation fills the air. The children, dressed in their finest garments, squirm in discomfort, while the parents attempt to maintain a dignified facade. The family photographer, guides them through a series of increasingly absurd poses, capturing the essence of their exaggerated seriousness.

First, the photographer requests a traditional portrait, instructing the family to adopt a somber expression. The parents, struggling to contain their laughter, attempt to suppress their smiles, resulting in contorted faces that verge on the verge of hilarity. The children, on the other hand, find the entire ordeal utterly amusing, with their suppressed giggles threatening to burst out at any moment.

Next, the family photographer introduces an assortment of props, from oversized flowers to vintage spectacles. The family members obediently don the accessories, their expressions now a blend of solemnity and absurdity. As the shutter clicks, the studio erupts in laughter, the sight of their loved ones transformed into comical caricatures too much to bear.

With the session complete, the family eagerly awaits the final results—the studio photos. 1:

As we take a step back from the solemnity of the past, it's essential to embrace the lighter side of history. Through the lens of a parody, we've uncovered the hidden humor behind an early modern era serious family photoshoot. From the eccentric family photographer to the comical family photo session, and the studio photos that immortalize moments of laughter and joy, we gain a newfound appreciation for the ability to find humor even in the most serious of times.

So the next time you come across an old family portrait, take a moment to imagine the laughter that may have unfolded behind those serious expressions. Remember, history isn't always as solemn as it appears—sometimes, it's bursting with laughter just waiting to be rediscovered.  Thank you so much for choosing me as your Calgary Family photographer


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