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June 11, 2022  •  Leave a Comment


Congratulations Lyndsay and Ross on your incredible wedding day!!!!!!!

June 4th was supposed to be a day or rain and thunder but instead we had the perfect weather-a slight breeze and the most amazing skies that reminded us of the grandeur of the mountains and the vast expanse of the sky. The day was absolutely perfect in every single way not only because the bride was super organized but also, because her friend Lexi was an unofficial wedding organizer and helped set up decor and made sure the day ran without hiccups.

The wedding was also absolutely hilarious too of course- Ross and the groomsmen may have gotten into the sauce a little early and their joyous hooting could be heard across the field as it echoed across the mountains. During bridal photos I asked the couple to kiss and Desmond, one of the groomsmen, thought he should embrace and kiss the cheek of one of his buddies. I can tell these guys have been good friends for decades because you really have to be close to be that comfortable with each other.

I loved listening to the speeches-some emotional, some humorous and some melodic. I was so surprised that nearly half the wedding at some point lived with Ross. How does that happen?? But I digress... I loved listening to not only how the two love each other, but also, how they desire adventure. I know that they're going to have the most incredible life together with their lifelong friends and family by their side.


Congratulations Ross and Lyndsay!!!! I wish you a lifetime of love and 10 babies.




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