Teddy bear picnic cake smash

October 11, 2022  •  1 Comment

COVE CAKE SMASH 2022JJ__8410_1COVE CAKE SMASH 2022JJ__8410_1


Join me in wishing mister Cove a Happy birthday!!! He turned one last month and enjoyed some cute photos with his big brother Sage and his parents and grandparents!!!  He was such a happy little guy and it was so sweet watching his big brother want to help him.  I just know these two are already best friends and will be so excited to play hockey with their dad in just a few years.  Happy birthday big guy!!!!  I can't wait to see what fun little characters these two grow up to be!



Kathryn Hirthe(non-registered)
Cake smash is a great idea. I attended a teddy bear picnic and there was a cake smash. I thought it was really fun, but it took a long time to prepare. The cake had to be cut into small pieces and then smushed into the bowl with some ice cream and toppings. Explore this http://m.daycellglobal.com/article/qa/6/232/ site for best cakes for babys. I thought this was a good idea because it gave everyone an opportunity to get their hands dirty, but also because it allowed more time for conversation and fun activities during the picnic.
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