Beautiful Little Swaddled Sleeping Beauty

March 09, 2021  •  1 Comment

NATURALBEAUTY (2019-05-14T22_10_50.749)_1NATURALBEAUTY (2019-05-14T22_10_50.749)_1

This little adorable little sleeping beauty was just perfect for her newborn photoshoot.  She was wide awake for a portion of her photo session but was so incredibly calm and so sweet.  I absolutely love swaddled little babies and seeing their little hands pop out. It's also so cute to see their little reactions and facial expressions during their awake time.   Newborn photo sessions are so special in capturing the very first memories of the first few days of a baby’s life.  It’s so exciting to see what they look like and which parent (or grandparent) they look like.  I love it when parents show me their own baby pictures too so we can compare.  Quite often the photos are uncanny!

To get babies to sleep soundly for their photo session I ask parents to keep the baby awake in the morning of their photo session.  Once they arrive I turn up the heat to a nice tropical level.  After we have made fabric selections, I swaddle the baby soundly and then as the studio heats up we take some adorable swaddled pictures and then move on slowly to the squishy baby pictures.

I have so many fun colours of swaddles and blankets that all work together to create some great photoshopped images.  The photoshopped images are ones where the baby may be high up on a swing or covered in a million pretty purple flowers.  The image below just happens to be one of my most sought-after photoshopped images! It’s one of my favorite photos too! 




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