Best Photo Locations in Canmore

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People are always asking what are the best photo locations in Canmore, a city located within the Rocky Mountains situated close to Banff and Calgary, AB.  Whether you are looking for a Family, Maternity, Engagement or Wedding Photographer, make sure you get all the proper permits from the town of Canmore prior to your mountain photoshoot.  IMG_1827_1IMG_1827_1



Here are some of my favourite places!

1. Canmore Engine Bridge; a unique anique bridge that was once used as the main bridge in Canmore.  Surrounded by stunning turquoise waters, this is quite incredible to photograph at.  There is a forested area here as well for some great shady spots and amazing hikes to take advantage of while you're enjoying your photo session. 


2- Grassi Lakes: you can take the incredible scenic routes with a mountain views, which takes about 90 minutes, or you can take the quicker route which takes about a half hour.  Once you've made it to the top you'll be thrilled with breathtaking rivers, mountains and a little waterfall.  Turquoise blue waters are also inside stunning little ponds which are a must-see and a definite go-to place for a engagement or wedding photos. 


3-Barrier Lake: usually quite a quiet little lake, it's nestled nearby Canmore and offers views with less tourists for your family photos!


4-Canmore Nordic Center provincial park: A great well-forested park which is great to photograph at during bright sunny days.  


5- Downtown Canmore:  The downtown of Canmore is a fun escape that's so unique with vintage coffee shops and art locations.  Lots of quaint locations which can provide an edgy look for your pictures!


6-Quarry Lake Park:  A beautiful clean lake that's going to create some lasting memories for sure!  This is a must-see if you're in Canmore.  Best of all, Quarry Lake is so close to the town and the site is about a 3 minute walk away from the parking lot area.  Lots of mountain views and the pond offers a nice refreshing swim or paddleboard after your photoshoot!


Are there any other places you think I've missed? Pop me an email [email protected]






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Stepping into the world of family photography allows me to witness beautiful moments filled with love, anticipation, and joy. Recently, I had the privilege of capturing the enchanting journey of Belle's family, as they eagerly awaited the arrival of a baby boy. From the moment I arrived at the location, it was evident that the warmth and excitement surrounding their growing family would make this maternity photoshoot truly special.

The Magic of Belle's Presence: Belle, an adorable and spirited little girl, stole the show with her infectious enthusiasm for becoming a big sister. Her eyes sparkled with anticipation as she lovingly touched her mom's growing baby bump. It was evident that Belle's excitement would be a central theme throughout our session, and I was eager to capture her vibrant energy.


Little Belle is so excited to be a big sister!!!! Can you tell? I loved watching her interact with her baby brother in her mommy's tummy. I know she's going to be helping mom and dad feed the baby, bring a soother and even give him a little cuddle. She is just so adorable and so sweet and it was such a pleasure photographing her little smiles. Congratulations on your pregnancy Sarah and Kyle. Just a few more weeks to go!

Lifestyle Boudoir Photoshoot

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Boudoir - Joanna Jensen PhotographyJJ__4446glitterBoudoir - Joanna Jensen PhotographyJJ__4446glitter

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of embarking on a photographic journey with a beautiful and confident young woman in a new city. As a boudoir photographer, I am constantly inspired by the empowering and transformative experiences shared with my clients. This particular session was an unforgettable exploration of self-expression and celebration of body positivity.

Embracing the Unknown:

Meeting a new client is always an exciting experience, filled with anticipation and creative energy. As I greeted the young woman, her vibrant personality and infectious smile immediately put us both at ease. We were about to embark on a journey that would push boundaries, challenge societal norms, and capture the raw beauty within.

Stepping Out of Comfort Zones:

For many individuals, boudoir photography can be an intimidating prospect. However, I firmly believe that true growth lies just beyond the boundaries of our comfort zones. Together, we embarked on this empowering adventure, encouraging each other to embrace vulnerability, celebrate individuality, and express self-love.

Capturing the Essence:

Throughout the session, I strived to create an atmosphere of trust and respect, where the young woman felt comfortable expressing herself freely. Together, we explored a variety of poses, lighting techniques, and backdrops to ensure that each image encapsulated her unique personality and radiance. The camera became a tool for capturing her authenticity, her confidence, and her unabashed beauty.

The Importance of Professional Photos:

As a boudoir photographer, I understand the significance of capturing moments of empowerment and self-acceptance. Professional boudoir photos go beyond mere snapshots; they are timeless treasures that serve as a reminder of one's strength, resilience, and self-love. These images hold the power to uplift, inspire, and ignite a sense of confidence that can be carried throughout a lifetime.

An Unforgettable Encounter:

Photographing this young woman in a new city was not just a job for me; it was an honor. Witnessing her transformation from a place of hesitation to one of empowerment was awe-inspiring. As we concluded the session, the joy and newfound confidence emanating from her were palpable, leaving an indelible mark on both of us.


As a boudoir photographer, every encounter is an opportunity to celebrate and capture the beauty, strength, and vulnerability of individuals. This particular session with a beautiful curvy model in a new city exemplified the empowering nature of stepping out of one's comfort zone. Through professional boudoir photography, we have the ability to immortalize moments of self-expression, self-love, and personal growth. It is my utmost privilege to be a part of these transformative experiences, capturing the essence of each unique individual and creating memories that will be cherished for a lifetime.



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In an era marked by solemnity and formality, it's refreshing to explore the humorous side of our ancestors' lives. Join us on a whimsical journey as we delve into the world of an early modern era serious family photoshoot. With a touch of parody and a dash of laughter, we'll bring you into the heart of a time where stern expressions and rigid poses prevailed. Get ready to meet the eccentric family photographer witness a comical family photo session, and discover the hidden comedy behind those studio photos.


As the family gathers in the studio, a sense of anticipation fills the air. The children, dressed in their finest garments, squirm in discomfort, while the parents attempt to maintain a dignified facade. The family photographer, guides them through a series of increasingly absurd poses, capturing the essence of their exaggerated seriousness.

First, the photographer requests a traditional portrait, instructing the family to adopt a somber expression. The parents, struggling to contain their laughter, attempt to suppress their smiles, resulting in contorted faces that verge on the verge of hilarity. The children, on the other hand, find the entire ordeal utterly amusing, with their suppressed giggles threatening to burst out at any moment.

Next, the family photographer introduces an assortment of props, from oversized flowers to vintage spectacles. The family members obediently don the accessories, their expressions now a blend of solemnity and absurdity. As the shutter clicks, the studio erupts in laughter, the sight of their loved ones transformed into comical caricatures too much to bear.

With the session complete, the family eagerly awaits the final results—the studio photos. 1:

As we take a step back from the solemnity of the past, it's essential to embrace the lighter side of history. Through the lens of a parody, we've uncovered the hidden humor behind an early modern era serious family photoshoot. From the eccentric family photographer to the comical family photo session, and the studio photos that immortalize moments of laughter and joy, we gain a newfound appreciation for the ability to find humor even in the most serious of times.

So the next time you come across an old family portrait, take a moment to imagine the laughter that may have unfolded behind those serious expressions. Remember, history isn't always as solemn as it appears—sometimes, it's bursting with laughter just waiting to be rediscovered.  Thank you so much for choosing me as your Calgary Family photographer

Best Newborn Photoshop Beach Photo Idea

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This is one of my favourite composite images just because I LOVE SUMMER. Plus there's nothing better than a sleeping baby on a beach if you can relax and enjoy the gorgeous weather.
This adorable baby girl sure did not want to sleep at all for her session.  She hardly cried like most babies do! She just wanted to know what the heck we were up to and why on earth was the getting so many selfies already!!

I love adorable little newborns! Thanks for choosing me as your family photographer!